Format, Static Analyse, and Test a Dart project using Github Actions.

Turn your Google Sheet into a REST API and access it in any application.


Provide your subscribers with an option to opt-out of mailing lists by adding unsubscribe link using Google Apps Script.


1. Setting up a Spreadsheet

Learn how to keep a form’s submit button disabled until the form fields have not changed in a Nuxt/Vue app.


1. Creating a Form Template

Display a toast notification in Nuxt/Vue app whenever the user goes offline or online.



Dynamically decide the home page to be shown to a user in a Flutter App based on some authentication logic.

Learn how to improve the look and feel of a Nuxt project by configuring the default Bootstrap behavior.

Installing Bootstrap

Learn from the experiences of former GSoC students and Organization Mentors daily in our newsletter.

Send a custom email notification to multiple recipients when a Github Actions workflow fails or succeeds.

Take advantage of Github Actions' custom workflow script and extra build minutes to deploy a website to Netlify using Github Actions.

Ravgeet Dhillon

Co-Founder | M. Tech CSE Student

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